Award winning training 

What trainees say

A trainee recently completing the SCCC commented:

“Thank you for marking so promptly. Thank you for the course it was informative, interesting and easy to follow. Thank you for your time and effort, always answering questions quickly.”

Participants involved with Stratcom’s Certificate of Approval group (CoA) said:

“Our trainers have made CoA really interesting.  They make sure we understand the language of security and this has given me heaps of confidence.  Thanks Darren and Gloria!”

“We have put our entire security team through the National Certificate in Security.  It has been an awesome team-building exercise over the winter and has given us a huge boost of professional pride.  You guys rock!”

“Gloria and her team have wrapped literacy around all the security training.  I can’t tell you how much help this has been to my staff who come from lots of different cultures, they’ve all passed thanks to them.”