Security Consultants sell or give advice on burglar alarms, warning devices, special locks, cameras and guarding services

Stratcom Security delivers training and assessment for the Security Consultant Certificate of Competence (SCCC).

This industry-recognised certificate is not part of the NZ Qualification Framework. It is accepted by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) as evidence that a person has done the training required to be licensed as a Security Consultant. 

The course is done remotely in your own time. There are no classes to attend. You receive electronic copies of the training materials and email your assessment work to us. There are no prior requirements. 

The course can be completed in less than six months or you can take as long as you need to.

Trainees have told us that:

  • It’s good to have all the relevant materials supplied
  • thorough marking of assignments helps you think more widely about the subject
  • the prompt response, guidance and encouragement on assessment work is helpful.

The course has three learning modules and five related assessment tasks.

Once you have completed this course and meet their other requirements you apply to the PSPLA for a Security Consultant Licence.

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See NZSA’s information about the certificate here:

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