Stratcom Security is the trading name of Training Systems and Solutions Limited. It is a New Zealand owned and operated Private Training Establishment registered by NZQA under the Education Act 1989.

Stratcom Security provides training for people interested in gaining credits towards qualifications for the Security and Hospitality industries.

We or our trainees have relationships with a number of organisations to maintain the quality of our training and assessment and to provide for proper recognition of trainees’ achievements.

Education and accreditation bodies

  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is responsible for registering non-university qualifications and tertiary training providers. We report each trainee’s credit completions directly to NZQA where they are recorded on the trainee’s Record of Achievement.
  • The Skills Organisation Inc (Skills) is the Standard Setting Body (SSB) responsible for quality assuring the Security standards and qualifications registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).
    Skills has recognised Stratcom Security as an approved organisation. Trainees being assessed for standards managed by Skills will only be assessed by Skills registered assessors. Trainees who are seeking a NZQF-registered, Skills-managed qualification are enrolled with Skills. Once trainees complete all the requirements, Skills issues them with the qualification.
  • The Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) in the Ministry of Justice issues licences and certificates of approval (COA) to people working in the security industry and keeps a register of all holders.
    Trainees who have completed the training required for a COA or a Security Consultant Licence, and who meet the PSPLA’s other requirements, apply directly to the PSPLA to have their licences issued.
  • The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) represents the majority of organisations operating in the security industry. Its work includes ensuring that industry training is fit for purpose and meets industry needs, and promoting industry best practice through standards, codes of practice and industry guidelines.
    NZSA has approved the NZSA Certificate of Competence (also known as SCCC) training course for Security Consultants delivered by StratCom Security.
    We are proud to be a member of the NZSA.
  • ServiceIQ is the SSB responsible for quality assurance of the Hospitality standards and qualifications registered on the NZQF.
    ServiceIQ has recognised Stratcom Security as an approved organisation. Trainees being assessed for NZQF standards managed by ServiceIQ will only be assessed by ServiceIQ registered assessors.
    ServiceIQ also issues the LCQ certificate to trainees who have met the requirements.
  • Trainees who are on student or work visas
    We do not offer training to trainees who are on student or work visas because we are not a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

    We are happy to recommend alternative options.